About Us

SPEL Technologies, Inc

We are a tech company and social enterprise based in Silicon Valley. Our digital textbook "Merscythe: Adventures with the Codue" is a unique product for teaching the Python programming language. We are working to create educational materials with the goal of Universal Design for Learning. Our team is diverse and made up of teachers, engineers, authors, and social workers, but we share a common vision of making a positive change in the lives of people.


Our design goal is Universal Design for Learning, which is a design framework for creating lessons for all learners. When we design for our varied learning preferences, learning and other disabilities, we are covering a much larger segment of the population. Our goal is to better accommodate students with disabilities including blindness, visual impairments, and autism.

Enhance Learning

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We innovate and deliver the best products for teachers and students. Our products have top-notch content developed by experts and presented in an engaging manner to help educators propel their students towards success.

Merscythe: Adventures with the Codue, is an interactive digital Python textbook teaches computer programming using a unique, story-based game, tutorials, and animation games.